About us

Established as financial technology (Fintech)

Established as financial technology (Fintech), MoneFX proudly provides risk management, insurance, marketing, and logistic solutions to medium and high-value merchants. You can use our products/services at any stage of growth.
From last 30 years, we have been providing innovative solutions and building new opportunities that drive success of our clients. Together with our clients, we aim to build the future of financial technology.

MoneFX Business Services

MoneFX was formed as a financial technology provider (Fintech) specializing in sales, shipping and risk management solutions for medium to high-value merchants.
MoneFX is the culmination of 30 years serving the luxury goods market with payment, risk management, logistics, and marketing solutions. Our proprietary cutting edge technologies provide solutions in partnership with hundreds of marketplace, payment, and shipping integrations.


As a cloud based next generation platform, we provide global solutions that reduce risk, increase sales, and provides credibility to our members while providing fraud protection and other loss issues.