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Some of the key features of our platform include


Send or Receive Verified echecks safely, digitally , thorugh the mail or email, SMS text or direct deposit instantly.

MoneFX Capital Lender

As an approved member you can buy and sell using our capital , sell on credit without risk and get paid same day and receive working capital from a variety of sources and programs .

Bill Pay network

Pay and get paid directly from your customers bank when you join over 100,000 other billers in near real time.

Cloud Banking and Payments

By using our FDIC insured and verified solutions you can pay and accept PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Transfer to and from wallets, Crypto or Credit or Debit Cards or Instantly send anywhere in the world to any Verified Debit Card or Bank Account and send to your accounting package effortlessly.

MoneFX Messenger

Your MoneFX Messenger sends communications and messages to individual or groups with a touch of a button. This Broadcast manager sends invoices to YOUR clients in different formats and prices. Email , Text, Whats app, Social Media, and specific marketplaces and allows two way replies in a safe transaction.

MoneFX Ad Manager

Ecomm proves increased revenues though the traditional solutions. We cover the other 50% affordably and safely. Our teams manage your media subscription at half the cost of traditonal solutions.

Check Printing

If you prefer doing regular payments via check, then this feature is for you. With MoneFX, you can print checks in seconds.


Our platform supports ACH and RTP transactions, providing fast and secure payment processing options at a low price.

Email Check

Send trackable checks with the click of a button.

Digital Check

For a more convenient and eco-friendly option, we enable you to make payments via email and/or text.

Check Mailing

In addition to check printing, you can send checks to vendors/customers via USPS.

Deposit Slips

Easily and accurately record, track, and reconcile your deposits.

Get Paid Button/Link

Easily request payment via HTML link for provided services or products.

Bank Data

Your financial information is kept safe and secure with an easy connection and reconciliation from any financial institution.

Bill pay

MoneFX allows you to easily pay bills, reduce risk and manage your expenses.


Our platform includes invoicing tools to help businesses create and send invoices to their clients.

User / Approver

Our platform includes user and approver functionality, allowing businesses to set up multiple users and approvals for financial transactions.


We offer API integration to allow businesses to seamlessly integrate our platform with their existing systems.

eCommerce Guarantee

Whether you are processing your transaction or shipping your items or goods . Our exclusive “ALL RISK” platform provides complete protection against covered causes of loss.


Our years of experience and management shipping risk , provides the only “ALL RISK” program of its kind. Our high Value management program assures additional benefit affordably


Send and receive Echecks affordably while reducing risk. At your discretion Our EZcheck benefit verifies and protects your electronic check transactions.

Credit Guarantee

If you provide 30-60-90 business credit. We can guarantee your transaction within minutes in over 80 countries on single invoices.

Merchant Accounts

At your request we provide instant merchant accounts guaranteed against covered chargeback.

Marketplace Texting

Whether you desire security confirmation via text , confirming identity or transactions.

Global Payments

Whether you are buying or selling we provide representation and infrastructure in over 80 countries safely and securely

Global investigations

As a subscriber of MoneFX solutions , We can assist in providing Private investigative services in over 100 countries.

MoneFX Risk Verify



As a cloud based next generation platform, we provide global solutions that reduce risk, increase sales, and provides credibility to our members while providing fraud protection and other loss issues.

Sales Marketing And Advertising

Through our integrated partnership with aneze.com you can send invoices to not only a few but thousands of people. You can also sell your products independently without changing a single solution. With us, you can also easily advertise your target market via identified websites, texts, billboards, emails, and TV. Sign up today and achieve your financial goals.
In addition, our FDIC-insured accounts insure your money by US government. Our multimedia invoice provides an efficient way to sell your products without changing your current sales channel. Most importantly, with a click of a button you can sell your product to different groups at different prices with payment solutions already integrated.